There has been a huge absence on the blog as of late but that is because I have been taking things in new directions and have been working with new people. Models and editorial work is great but creatively challenging its not. Being able to work with creatives daily is what I long for an am happy to finally be working with people I have admired for a long time. One in particular, Josh madden. If you dont know the name you need to educate yourself. Recently I was asked to go to the MDDN Studio and shoot a new band called Tennis System. Just a quick fun shoot to produce some images for the band, and they came out sick. Check out the bands Instagram, Facebook, and site for more. This is my second band I have shot for MDDN, and looking forward to showing you alot more!

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Three Stripes

New opportunities in the industry are always welcome especially when they come in the caliber of Three Stripes. Adidas has slowly started to take over where NIKE has left off and is making moves to become king of the footwear game. Recently we had some time with Adidas one on one to create some editorials for them, and the womens collections. Keeping it clean, minimal, and sexy we hit locations to shoot visuals that would make an impact. Girls can be bad too, and girls can run the sneaker game just as easily as any dude. Here are two shots, with a bunch more to come!

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Rooftop Rendevous

This summer I saw some shots of a model that looked like Ruby Rose and was living in my city. The images were great, but the girl caught my eye an I wanted to shoot with her instantly. Well instantly wasnt until yesterday but it finally happened. One thing I noticed in this business is that shoots can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Thankfully Carolyn Boisvert aka Greenwood Music is like me and easy was the word for the day. We hiked up on to some rooftops in the Vieux Port and just kept it simple and shot. Yesterday was -1 and very icy so rooftops were extra sketch. As flawless as the shots are, Carolyn almost took a nasty step down….10 stories down. Needless to say I still have that images in my head, but hey we got the shots. Here are a few of my favs!

Okinx (2 of 3)-2

Okinx (3 of 3)-2

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Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Running around the city, climbing sky high building, crawling through tight spaces, invading abandoned locations. Yup all in a days work, or in this case all in a days shoot. I packed a bag and spent the day walking, and shooting one of the cities natural locations with model and friend Matt Hew for NIKE. We were lucky enough to partner up with some brands to create a look for the day adventure. Ben & Boule Trading hooked us up with pieces from Publish Brand, Twiwa, and PKG which complimented the NIKE BLazers High SP provided for the first set of editorials I will be working on more in the near future with the footwear giants. Stay tuned as the next set drop with another amazing location soon.

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Today For Tomorrow

Spent the last few days out an about in Montreal shooting some new women’s editorials for Publish Brand with my partner Tawny. Choosing locations like Old Montreal, Silo No5, and the Oratory, we were able to capture three different looks to compliment the brands new line for ladies. A bit more dressed up then usual for images these editorials are the start of another project thats upcoming out in some amazing spots in the California Desert. Im really looking forward to shooting those, for now get a glimpse with these below.

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Publish (3 of 3)

North Trooper 2.0

Lots of positive changes lately with North Trooper. We have seen multiple online features as well as a 10 page print editorial, all within the first 5 months of the year. We have been hired on more creative projects and editorials with brands we love. We are scouting, planning, and executing crazy locations and shoots to accommodate our clients better. And finally we are almost fully booked up for the year and already planning 2016. Needless to say we are more than happy with how this year is on point to be our best yet and we aren’t even at the half way mark. Really looking forward to you all seeing the new women’s editorials we are working on, as well as some amazing upcoming shoots in July and September that will surely blow everyone away visually. In the mean time feel free to peep the site as we have made some significant changes with visuals in the galleries.

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Off The Beaten Track

I am currently scheduling 2 full weeks of work in LA with Tawny where we will be neck deep in models, 32 to be exact over 9 days of shooting on the west coast. The usual spots will come in to play as Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu have an abundance of amazing locations. But going bigger an better is the plan and creating imagery that not only catches the eye, but gets the bills paid is the name of the game. We are working on some amazing editorials in some offbeat locations. Really excited about moving around and going out of the norm to create this trip. Having a partner thats as creative as you is an excellent bonus and I think the upcoming work will show that off. Cant wait to show everyone what we will be working on.

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Publish Womens

Pretty excited to be working on a new set of editorials for one of my fav companies, Publish Brand. After making waves in the menswear community with the introduction of their elastic cuffed jogger pant some time ago, LA’s Publish recently opened their aperture to include a women’s version of the celebrated pants. The new womens jogger features a more shapely silhouette with 2% spandex to embrace a curvier figure without losing any of the refined details that make them so adaptable. The beauty of the joggers is they are perfect in any situation. Dressed up for a night party, chilling with your friends at the bar, even walking the dog, New shots coming soon!

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Its That Time Again…

If there is something I have learned lately its this. If its not broken, don’t fix it! As much as I might despise California, it continues to pay out better an better each trip. With my upcoming year booked solid with brands and magazine editorials I am just going to continue doing what works best and spending a few days on the West Coast every month. Big things are almost here with three new magazine editorials being worked on this month alone, and a parade of babes that just keep getting hotter. Im very excited for whats to come in the next few weeks, and even more excited to show it all off! Next stop, LAX.

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Field of Dreams

Fall editorials are always fun. So many rustic colours to play with on Mother Natures palette mixed with natural light always makes for a great set of images. I had a bit of fun with Saya and Eric in a beautiful field  at the end of a long day recently. Its getting colder and the weather is perfect for outdoor shoots. Here are a few simple shots for Born A Lion showing off some of the new collection available now for men an women.

BornALion (1 of 2)

BornALion (2 of 2)