PUMA x Sweet Tooth Swim

As mentioned in an earlier post, I recently worked on a new set of editorials with the Westbury Agency for PUMA, Sweet Tooth Swim, and Foam Magazine. The location was the iconic Cadillac Jacks located right beside the Pink Motel and it could not have been more perfect. 50s diner, milkshake and ice cream theme, and the perfect bikinis an shoes to match. Going to keep it simple and let the visuals speak for me.

Foam Magazine (1 of 3)

Foam Magazine (2 of 3)

Foam Magazine (3 of 3)

Frame Magazine

We spent some time at a desert like location in the Valley called Stoney Park. Massive boulders piled on top of each other with nothing but beautiful vistas surrounding. The team and I hiked up to a small spot, set up, and started shooting with our model Bailee Mykell for our new feature in Frame magazine. Now we cant show you all the images, you will have to wait till the issue is released. But here is a sneak peak of two shots. The day shoot went exceptionally well even with all the actual hiking up and hiking down we had to do between shots for wardrobe an hair/makeup changes. Flirty, fun, and all done once again with an amazing team helping along the way. More soon.

Chelsea (1 of 2)

Chelsea (2 of 2)

Three Stripes

New opportunities in the industry are always welcome especially when they come in the caliber of Three Stripes. Adidas has slowly started to take over where NIKE has left off and is making moves to become king of the footwear game. Recently we had some time with Adidas one on one to create some editorials for them, and the womens collections. Keeping it clean, minimal, and sexy we hit locations to shoot visuals that would make an impact. Girls can be bad too, and girls can run the sneaker game just as easily as any dude. Here are two shots, with a bunch more to come!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Latch Magazine Issue 2

Back in February I shot with FOX TV personality and model Danielle Ruiz in LA. The images we shot were for a feature for at the time an upcoming issue of Latch Magazine which was supposed to be released in early April. A few delays pushed it back but happy to say the issue is now out, an 10 of our amazing shots are in the new print issue. Its always cool when you get any kind of press or feature with your work. I have a lot going on right now with photography and 2015 has been crazy so far with this being my 5th feature in just 5 months of the new year. So much more to come and really cant wait for everyone to see what the future holds

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California Girls Editorial

Sometimes you go to Cali and sometimes you take pictures of babes. Sometimes you doubt whether the shots were any good and sometimes you are reassured they were by an amazing feature. Once again this month some of my images have been featured up on the Stashed accompanied by a great write up. Its been a pretty amazing year press wise for me and the continued kind words I read are still humbling. Happy to be making some noise with hard work both from me an my girls. Make sure to click the link and check it out.

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I Wish They All Could Be California Girls II

Once again I have been featured on NYLON Guys, making this two features in three months with them. I am beyond stoked on the outcome of not only the shots, but the girls I have been working with that have helped make this possible. The rad people over at NYLON & NYLON Guys have been so supportive and have really gone above an beyond to make this happen for me and I am very thankful. I look forward to more of my work hitting their sites in the future. Click the link to check out the full feature and write up. Big thanks to all the girls for being amazing as usual. NT Blog (1 of 7)

Mens Health

Every once in a while you are apart of a project that either works or doesn’t work. Good ideas and great images don’t always make the cut and cant save the project. Recently I was working on a feature that was for MensHealth UK. The idea was simple, hot girls, with vegetables and  fruit. A hectic schedule and over controlling “model” killed what could have been and amazing feature. Regardless if it made it to print or not the pix are worthy of being seen, so here are a couple.

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I Wish They All Could Be California Girls

I have been busting my ass a lot lately, reaching out and trying to get my foot in the door with a lot of people in the industry. I guess all that knocking has paid off cause NYLON Guys just featured a bunch of my images off my last trip to California. Working with some amazing babes (Jayde, Kelsey, Taryn, Suprina, Caitlin, Kayla, and Carley), and some incredible brands, I shot all over Santa Monica for 5 days to create enough content for my first of what I hope is many features with the folks over at NYLON Guys. Bright colours, fun ideas, and amazing locations really made each individual shot come alive. I am extremely happy with the way it all turned out, and cant thank the girls enough for the long hrs, and the long walks that went into getting their shots. Click the link to see the full feature and write up on NYLON Guys site.

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