PUMA Fenty

PUMA’s Fenty Trainer is the first original sneaker collaboration of its kind,and it recently dropped, and sold out fast. The Trainer debuted in the artist’s 2016 PUMA show — in an all-new PUMA silhouette, the sneaker is fearless and has exaggerated proportions in three bold colors. Constructed of an advanced neoprene upper and full length flex groove for 360-degree movement, this kick pays as much attention to technical details as to appearance. The Fenty Trainer along with a few other pairs of shoes from the current PUMA collection made its way to us and we took full advantage immediately shooting some editorials. Im super excited to show you just a few of these, and cant wait for you to see more of whats to come with us here at NorthTrooper with PUMA.

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NorthTrooper Presents:

One of the new brands I have been working with this year has been Puma. Since 1924 Puma has been making a dent in shoe history from its Olympic upbringings to famed soccer player Pele, right into the 70s with their iconic Clydes. Puma doesn’t just stop there either, they have been collaborating with major brands, and now major celebs. In 2015 Rihanna designed her own collection with the brand, and the Fenty was born. We were lucky enough to start our year off working on a small production which includes the black creeper. With the help of my New York based team (Martin Moon/Hahn Chang) we spent an evening shooting and filming. The result which you see below is amazing.