Three Stripes

New opportunities in the industry are always welcome especially when they come in the caliber of Three Stripes. Adidas has slowly started to take over where NIKE has left off and is making moves to become king of the footwear game. Recently we had some time with Adidas one on one to create some editorials for them, and the womens collections. Keeping it clean, minimal, and sexy we hit locations to shoot visuals that would make an impact. Girls can be bad too, and girls can run the sneaker game just as easily as any dude. Here are two shots, with a bunch more to come!

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Who’s Got A Sweet Tooth?

Its been quiet on the blog front as I have been working extra hard behind the scenes on a new project that is almost about to launch. Today I can show you some of the initial shots of my new swim brand Sweet Tooth Swim, a bikini brand for the sweet life. While we are putting the finishing touches on the line, the site, and shooting an filming the lookbook I had some time with some babes to shoot each of the flavours in the upcoming “Milkshake” Collection. Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate never looked so good as they do on Valeriya, Carlise, and Laura. Im really excited to show you more but for now this will have to do.

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Electric Avenue

Working on creative projects is not new to us at NorthTrooper. Its actually something we truly prefer. Recently we had an opportunity to shoot something new for NYC streetwear brand Reason and their Fall collection. Taking some gorgeous beauties we shot them in some not so glamours locations, and then enlisted our friend Matt to give them a little extra pow! The edits lit up with neon to show case not only the brand, but the punch sometimes missing from shoots that have become to so plain an boring of late. These are just 4 of the favs from the editorial shoot. The rest can be seen on reasons site by visiting their blog.

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Dont Rock The Bateau

After two very successful weeks on the road and gearing up for another two, we are stoked on how everything is coming together right now. The images, models, and brands we have been working with continue to be just next level and there is no slowing down. Working with professionals on every level is always a bonus for us, and although there is always days and times when things are at a low, the images we have been creating continue to fuel this journey. With more LA trips scheduled and more brands with common goals working with us closing out 2015 and working on new adventures for 2016 are all we can talk about. Prepare for a barrage of new content on the blog, and the galleries!

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Its That Time Again…

If there is something I have learned lately its this. If its not broken, don’t fix it! As much as I might despise California, it continues to pay out better an better each trip. With my upcoming year booked solid with brands and magazine editorials I am just going to continue doing what works best and spending a few days on the West Coast every month. Big things are almost here with three new magazine editorials being worked on this month alone, and a parade of babes that just keep getting hotter. Im very excited for whats to come in the next few weeks, and even more excited to show it all off! Next stop, LAX.

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Gourmet Footwear

While out in NYC i had a few pairs of Spring 15 Gourmet Footwear shoes and boots so I decided to show them off, and nothing else. I found a really grungy but well lit laundry room in the Manhattan building I was staying and and had the ladies strip down and cover up. The shots are clean and to the point.

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California Girls Editorial

Sometimes you go to Cali and sometimes you take pictures of babes. Sometimes you doubt whether the shots were any good and sometimes you are reassured they were by an amazing feature. Once again this month some of my images have been featured up on the Stashed accompanied by a great write up. Its been a pretty amazing year press wise for me and the continued kind words I read are still humbling. Happy to be making some noise with hard work both from me an my girls. Make sure to click the link and check it out.

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Dr Martens Spring

Since April 1st 1960, Dr Martens has been a staple in footwear culture. From iconic rock gods to British youth you can always see a 1460, or a 1461 not to far. So much so that black n white images line the walls of the store locations worldwide with them. But nowadays the brand has a huge arsenal of styles and colours to choose from. While out in LA last week I had a huge box of Spring product from the upcoming 2015 season to work with, along with a bunch of amazing ladies to show them off. The average shot is not like those iconic images of days old, but more a twist of my style of shooting an hot babes. Here are a few of the pix from the shoot I wanted to share. There will be more shots showing up shortly in various publications.

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Well glad to be home and editing the last weeks of images on the left coast. 18 girls and one little dude in 4 days of full day shooting is a lot and drains me physically, mentally, and creatively.  But I am super excited about the images, the lookbooks, and the magazine features I shot. Im gonna spend the next few days staring at a screen and editing but here is a taste of what to come. More updates soon including full reveals.

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Another Shitty Day In Paradise

Once again heading back to my home away from homes and my dreaded enemy Killafornia. The love hate relationship between us is anything but a quiet one. As most know im not Cali’s biggest fan, however Santa Monica since day 1 has owned my heart. I have some amazing stuff planned for this upcoming trip, from working with some of the best models, to a selection of brands I am eager to shoot for. Five days in paradise some might say, but I know differently. Strange days are coming and I am looking forward to it at the same time loathing every single second out there.

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