I Want My MTV

Working so much¬†lately that its strange to think other people are noticing the hard work we put in at North Trooper. Tawny and I are a team, and we have so many amazing people contributing to our shoots that it gets crazy. I got an awesome email from an old friend that now works at MTV and wanted to bring me in for a meeting in regards to what we have been up to, and the potential to see if there is a pilot/series out of it all. The big apple is calling, and were answering. Stay tuned…


Born A Lion

One of the brands I have been working with since late last year is Born A Lion. If the name doesnt sound familiar to you the brand owners name might. Scott Pfaff, aka Big Cat from the hit MTV show Fantasy Factory. I connected with Scott though some emails last Nov, and have been shooting steadily with him since. We have created an amazing lookbook and a lot of random and equally amazing images. I love this brand and I am stoked to be shooting for them. I am even more stoked on the fact that we will be creating something epic together this October, but you will have to wait for any info on that. You can see more amazing shots like this for now by clicking the recents in the Gallery.

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