I Want My MTV

Working so much lately that its strange to think other people are noticing the hard work we put in at North Trooper. Tawny and I are a team, and we have so many amazing people contributing to our shoots that it gets crazy. I got an awesome email from an old friend that now works at MTV and wanted to bring me in for a meeting in regards to what we have been up to, and the potential to see if there is a pilot/series out of it all. The big apple is calling, and were answering. Stay tuned…


In Gold We Trust

Last year I got contacted by Benny Gold to shoot some editorials for the brand, and if you are a regular of the blog then you have definitely seen the images. This year im stoked to say I am in the process of working on an amazing collab with the streetwear giants. Lots of updates to come as well as sneak peeks, photoshoots, and of course the launch. But for now I just wanna say hard work pays off. Im thankful daily for the struggles, for without them I wouldn’t see my strengths. I bust my ass on my photography, networking and working those connections.  And I am glad I can make something cool with someone who is as hard worker as me. Stay tuned.

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Dont Rock The Bateau

After two very successful weeks on the road and gearing up for another two, we are stoked on how everything is coming together right now. The images, models, and brands we have been working with continue to be just next level and there is no slowing down. Working with professionals on every level is always a bonus for us, and although there is always days and times when things are at a low, the images we have been creating continue to fuel this journey. With more LA trips scheduled and more brands with common goals working with us closing out 2015 and working on new adventures for 2016 are all we can talk about. Prepare for a barrage of new content on the blog, and the galleries!

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North Trooper 2.0

Lots of positive changes lately with North Trooper. We have seen multiple online features as well as a 10 page print editorial, all within the first 5 months of the year. We have been hired on more creative projects and editorials with brands we love. We are scouting, planning, and executing crazy locations and shoots to accommodate our clients better. And finally we are almost fully booked up for the year and already planning 2016. Needless to say we are more than happy with how this year is on point to be our best yet and we aren’t even at the half way mark. Really looking forward to you all seeing the new women’s editorials we are working on, as well as some amazing upcoming shoots in July and September that will surely blow everyone away visually. In the mean time feel free to peep the site as we have made some significant changes with visuals in the galleries.

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Its Dirty. Its Filthy. Its Paradise.

New directions and new priorities in life make for strange changes that come out of left field. Work has me out on the West Coast so much that thoughts of making a major move might be in the very near future.  Since working out in Santa Monica and Venice over the last few years I am constantly thinking about settling into a more creative yet laid back lifestyle, like the ones you see on those “Come to California” commercials, haha. I wanna wake up, surf, shoot, and chill. Excited for what the future might hold for me an North Trooper.

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North Trooper x Tomahawk

I am working on something pretty rad with the guys over at Tomahawk shades. It will be dropping closer to the end of the year, but production has started and if you know me they will be nothing short of amazing. And pink. Very, very pink!

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Clear Skies Ahead

With the Fall season approaching fast and more jobs getting lined up its nice to breathe and sit back an be thankful. Busting your ass at a job everyone thinks is easy because your surrounded by beautiful women is just the part most see, not the crazy stuff that goes down behind the scenes. A couple of big brand shoots, a couple of  heavy hitter models, and a few more travel dates and the year will be at an end. I have a lot of plans for 2015, but I am still happily working on left over stuff that will just push me even further forward. I am very excited for the adventures to come.

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I Wish They All Could Be California Girls II

Once again I have been featured on NYLON Guys, making this two features in three months with them. I am beyond stoked on the outcome of not only the shots, but the girls I have been working with that have helped make this possible. The rad people over at NYLON & NYLON Guys have been so supportive and have really gone above an beyond to make this happen for me and I am very thankful. I look forward to more of my work hitting their sites in the future. Click the link to check out the full feature and write up. Big thanks to all the girls for being amazing as usual. NT Blog (1 of 7)

I Wish They All Could Be California Girls

I have been busting my ass a lot lately, reaching out and trying to get my foot in the door with a lot of people in the industry. I guess all that knocking has paid off cause NYLON Guys just featured a bunch of my images off my last trip to California. Working with some amazing babes (Jayde, Kelsey, Taryn, Suprina, Caitlin, Kayla, and Carley), and some incredible brands, I shot all over Santa Monica for 5 days to create enough content for my first of what I hope is many features with the folks over at NYLON Guys. Bright colours, fun ideas, and amazing locations really made each individual shot come alive. I am extremely happy with the way it all turned out, and cant thank the girls enough for the long hrs, and the long walks that went into getting their shots. Click the link to see the full feature and write up on NYLON Guys site.

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