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We spent some time at a desert like location in the Valley called Stoney Park. Massive boulders piled on top of each other with nothing but beautiful vistas surrounding. The team and I hiked up to a small spot, set up, and started shooting with our model Bailee Mykell for our new feature in Frame magazine. Now we cant show you all the images, you will have to wait till the issue is released. But here is a sneak peak of two shots. The day shoot went exceptionally well even with all the actual hiking up and hiking down we had to do between shots for wardrobe an hair/makeup changes. Flirty, fun, and all done once again with an amazing team helping along the way. More soon.

Chelsea (1 of 2)

Chelsea (2 of 2)

Ford Tough

Always a pleasure working with new talent, especially ones that kill it over an over again in each image. Meet Rachel Ford. This little lady recently moved from NYC to LA and is making a name for herself as quite a hard worker. She came out one morning to Santa Monica and with the help of Tawnys’ styling literally just destroyed every shot she took with us. Shooting for brands like Wildfox Couture, Reason, and TUK Shoes, we walked the Pier and shot every look with in just a few hours. Super stoked on the images, and super stoked on future project with Rachel in toe.

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Island Breeze

California is always an adventure. Seems every trip has its high an low points but is always productive when in the right environment with the right people. I was lucky enough to work with some new brands this trip in creating some stunning images. I take pride in the fact that I dont shoot on white walls or hard wood floors like 90% of these photographers now a days shooting models. I like to tell stories with my images and think each shot does just that, especially when trying to produce something for a brand. Like this shot for example with Beach Babe Swimwear. Walking around Santa Monica we saw this great little Caribbean Dinner with an entrance way that matches the colours of the suit our model had on. Quick pow wow with the owner and next thing we were shooting in the resto. Quite cool!

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One of the new brands I have been working with this year is Wildfox Couture, and I actually love them. Pastel and bright colours, clever themes. Its totally up my alley. I hit up Malibu with some great gear, a handful of amazing models, and a new addition to the North Trooper team, our stylist and model coordinator Tawny. Malibu by day is a pretty busy place for both tourists an locals alike. But in the wee hours of the morning its an epic location with salt water air and white backdrops right off the PCH. Take a look at a few of the images from the shoot, and get ready for more to come as North Trooper does Wildfox again very soon….

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Dr Martens Spring

Since April 1st 1960, Dr Martens has been a staple in footwear culture. From iconic rock gods to British youth you can always see a 1460, or a 1461 not to far. So much so that black n white images line the walls of the store locations worldwide with them. But nowadays the brand has a huge arsenal of styles and colours to choose from. While out in LA last week I had a huge box of Spring product from the upcoming 2015 season to work with, along with a bunch of amazing ladies to show them off. The average shot is not like those iconic images of days old, but more a twist of my style of shooting an hot babes. Here are a few of the pix from the shoot I wanted to share. There will be more shots showing up shortly in various publications.

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Abandon The Ship!

I had the pleasure of shooting some stuff for my good friends over at Abandon Ship. The streets and back alleys of Santa Monica have such amazing random spots that change from block to block, and thats why I love it there. Mixing wild  and minimal patterns is easy when every shot is different. Im really hoping to do some bigger stuff with these guys down the road that is more themed though out, but till then I am happy shooting rad fun shots like these.

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Red Is My Favourite Colour

I have no idea what it is but I have a huge love affair with ginger girls, fake or not. I need to get more in front of my camera cause the shots always turn out so amazing. I had a very quick shoot with Kylie atop a random roof at sunset a while back. You might recognize her from a post or two back about Cali (or at least her butt). Anyways, I was a bit rushed for light but made the time work to our advantage, after all sometimes one shot is all you need.

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Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz

My job involves me to shoot women in a different light a lot of the time. Sometimes fun, sometimes playful, and sometimes sexy. I recently wrapped up a shoot with the current Miss California and Miss Teen California 2014, Cassandra Kunze and Bianca Vierra. Working with Pageant Queens was new to me and I was more than a little worried about shooting the girls in a sexy way and keeping everything within their regulations. Props are everyones friends so adding a skateboard, a lollipop, and of course some Jordans I let the girls get loose and comfy before snappin this shot. A little lingerie never hurt anyone, and it didnt hurt this shot either.

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A Tale Of Three Cities

I met the guys at Mission Workshop last year briefly at Interbike, and have been able to keep in touch with them since. Over the year I have exchanged many emails with the San Fran based bag company about potential ideas and projects. Stoked I can finally let you all know we are going to be collaborating on a project in the coming weeks,  A Tale Of Three Cities is a go! Montreal, Toronto, and NYC. The Sanction, the Fitzroy, and the Vandal. I wont give to much away now but the themes of the shoots will be super rad and I cant wait to start working on them!

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Paper Planes

We all love classic floral prints. And at first glance this shirt is a colorful floral print, but look closer and you will notice that a paper plane icon has landed in-between the flowers. The iconic logo of none other than San Fran streetwear brand Benny Gold. I received the Dolores shirt, socks, and bucket hat a while back and finally had a chance to shoot with Saya to complete the look. Hitting a nearby rooftop filled with rust I paired the two together to create a few images for the brand. Stoked on the turnout.