We All Scream For Ice Cream

I can’t think of one person who doesn’t like ice cream and by the looks of it neither can Puma. So much so, that they’ve dedicated their latest collection to the chilled, summery, creamy goodness. The ‘Ice Cream Pack’ is a trio of suede styles pays lyrical nods to Raekwon’s track ‘Ice cream’, in your choice of three tasty colourways – French vanilla, butter pecan, and chocolate deluxe. Each comes in a suede upper with embossed Puma branding, all sitting on top of a speckled rubber sole. You might be wondering why I am showing you them and talking about them, well the answer is simple. I am shooting an upcoming feature for Foam Magazine that will involve milkshakes, ice cream, and babes. Alot of planning has gone into this, from location, styling, etc. Really cant wait to show you more.

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Bonerjamz: Jasmine Villanueva

We recently had some time to spend with Jasmine Villanueva. You might recognize the name as she has been all over the internet lately linked to Justin Bieber as a possibly new love interest. We took a drive and met up in Malibu and wandered around until we found a spot we liked, almost in a secret garden of sorts and started to shoot some images for Sculpt Swimwear. Jasmine was awesome and went right to work playfully moving for the camera. Working with models that actually know how to model in this business is always a pleasure, and altho we spent just an hour with her the images speak for themselves.

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Jasmine (1 of 3)

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Meet The Players

As mentioned a few posts back I am currently working on a really amazing photography project with the people over at Mission Worksop. Today before the shooting happens I wanted to give you all a closer more detailed look at the 3 bags I will be shooting for the San Fran brand, the AP Series Sanction (Black), the Sanction (Olive), and the Vandal (Charcoal).

-The AP Series Sanction rucksack features the Arkiv closure system and is made with a 1000 denier VX Cordura ripstop shell backed with a PET waterproof membrane. In addition, the Sanction is lined with a lightweight urethane coated ripstop liner. All of which resulting in an exceptionally durable and beautifully constructed barrier to the elements.

-The Sanction is an impenetrable fortress of a pack that holds and protects all of your gear, cargo, and valuables from morning’s start to the day’s end. Built to last a lifetime with waterproof fabrics and military spec. construction. The Sanction also features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet.

-The Vandal backpack features a water-resistant main compartment which can be used in either “roll-top” mode, or in the traditional “flap-down” configuration. A key feature of the Vandal backpack is it’s ability to quickly double in size from 1,800 cu.in. to 4,000 cu.in. when needed for extra cargo carrying capacity.

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Little Burgundy x Vans

I recently got to shoot some new product shots for Little Burgundy and their exclusive collab with Vans. The classic authentic shoe in a Cream colourway with the Navy Hummingbird LB icon looks amazing, and this first time partnership has created the perfect unisex shoe to add to your collection. Vans shoes have an off the wall flavour, so I hit up a remote location and used the contrast of the murky water against the classic footwear to really show them off. Really happy with the images, take a look.

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Alex & Chloe FW14 Lookbook

I shot the new Alex & Chloe FW14 lookbook a few weeks ago while out in Cali. An LA pop culture brand being worn by every major celeb and with a huge fan base, and hitting all the hot lists of the season. I linked up with Kaytee right off the plane who greeted me with a smile and  a huge box of product. With a full list of models scheduled  I knew this would be a fun one. Keeping it in the Valley, I had some pretty rad shoot spots. From Canyon tops to right in the middle of the street. The models killed it and I am stoked on the images of this lookbook. Click the link  in the Gallery bar to see all the pix!

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MuyBella Vintage Playboy

One of the things I did while shooting for Muybella recently was shoot a small mini lookbook featuring ladies in Lingerie and vintage Playboy Magazines. A cool concept from Taryn, the owner of the brand. The shots each have various issues from the 60’s and 70s, which was super cool to see how far the magazine has come with both the models they then featured, to how many pages they actually published back then. One of the cooler things was the ads, straight out of MadMen. Take a look at the back cover of pic 2, a cigarette ad. Woman has a black eye and the ad talks about how she would rather go 10 rounds boxing then not have her fav smoke, hahah. Anyways, the shots came out amazing and im kinda sad there was only 6. Such a fun shoot.

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