Three Stripes

New opportunities in the industry are always welcome especially when they come in the caliber of Three Stripes. Adidas has slowly started to take over where NIKE has left off and is making moves to become king of the footwear game. Recently we had some time with Adidas one on one to create some editorials for them, and the womens collections. Keeping it clean, minimal, and sexy we hit locations to shoot visuals that would make an impact. Girls can be bad too, and girls can run the sneaker game just as easily as any dude. Here are two shots, with a bunch more to come!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Gourmet Footwear

While out in NYC i had a few pairs of Spring 15 Gourmet Footwear shoes and boots so I decided to show them off, and nothing else. I found a really grungy but well lit laundry room in the Manhattan building I was staying and and had the ladies strip down and cover up. The shots are clean and to the point.

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