Who’s Got A Sweet Tooth?

Its been quiet on the blog front as I have been working extra hard behind the scenes on a new project that is almost about to launch. Today I can show you some of the initial shots of my new swim brand Sweet Tooth Swim, a bikini brand for the sweet life. While we are putting the finishing touches on the line, the site, and shooting an filming the lookbook I had some time with some babes to shoot each of the flavours in the upcoming “Milkshake” Collection. Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate never looked so good as they do on Valeriya, Carlise, and Laura. Im really excited to show you more but for now this will have to do.

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Fresh Blood In Old Veins

You may see a drastic change come from my more recent shots lately, a more editorial feel and a little less pop culture. Just something I have been experimenting with. In an ever going conquest to keep inspired and creative I have begun to mess around more in the editing process, to breathe a new life into some older images, as well as new ones to come. Not to say the days of colourful an bright images are done – far from it. Just working with some new brand and magazines that this direction works a bit better with. This shot with Kelsey was actually shot at the beginning of the year on a clear morning, but I recently messed with is an worked a grainy vintage film like feel to it. If I dint know better id think she was in some cemetery in the Hollywood Hills. Expect more edits like this to come.

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Santa Monica

Getting creative with shot ideas has been getting a lot easier, especially now that I am on the road so much. I see the shot, I know what I want, its just a matter of executing it. Luckily I have been working with some real hungry girls that want a one of a kind shot as much as I do. The location was Santa Monica. The time, wayyyy early. The streets were empty, and model Kelsey Norris and I walked down the street from the Hotel I was staying to capture this shot. The overcast morning didn’t kill our shot, just added to it. NT Blog (5 of 8)