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We spent some time at a desert like location in the Valley called Stoney Park. Massive boulders piled on top of each other with nothing but beautiful vistas surrounding. The team and I hiked up to a small spot, set up, and started shooting with our model Bailee Mykell for our new feature in Frame magazine. Now we cant show you all the images, you will have to wait till the issue is released. But here is a sneak peak of two shots. The day shoot went exceptionally well even with all the actual hiking up and hiking down we had to do between shots for wardrobe an hair/makeup changes. Flirty, fun, and all done once again with an amazing team helping along the way. More soon.

Chelsea (1 of 2)

Chelsea (2 of 2)

The Valley Life

So after an exhausting 4 days out in California shooting the new Alex & Chloe and Muybella lookbooks I can officially say the Valley is not for me, hahah. Its hot, and I dont mean the half naked girls hot. I Mean the excruciating temperatures at 8am  hotttt. Shooting in a few locations was a nice change of pace from the beach scene I have become accustomed too. And the last night was epic as an erie fog crawled through the canyon we were shooting at and made for some insane pictures. Editing begins now, but there will be new lookbooks added to the side bar today, and new pix are already up in the recent link, including this killer shot of Carmella.

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